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What's Happening In & Around The Mt. Hope Community

On Saturday, May 21st. at a special 11:00am liturgy,  children from St. Dominic & St. Francis of Assisi Parishes made their First Holy Communion!

They wanted one of their teachers to take a selfie with them...and here it is!

FC Class of 2022

The St. Dominic & St. Francis Parish Family congratualtes The First Communion Class of 2022:

Liam Bergeron,  Arabella Blackwell,  Hannah Boulay,  Jonathan Braga,  Benjamin Cabral,  Sadie Cadorette,

Hollis Chasse,  Ella Denis,  Joseph Desnoyers,  Stella Diogo,  Kyle Dutra,  Andrea Fiddler,

Finley Gould,  Zacharay Heneghen,  Hunter Klein,  Mateo Marcucci,  Giovanni McCarthy, Amayah Miguel,

Micah Nasrallah,  Islyn Santos,  Raymond Schofield,  Bryce Standring,  Landon Sweet,  & Drake Vidinha