Grades 8 & 9 Confirmation

Pre-Confirmation & Confirmation Program 

The Mount Hope Catholic Community of St. Dominic's and St. Francis of Assisi Parishes have a combined Pre-Confirmation -- Confirmation Program 1 (Grade 8) and Confirmation Program 2 (Grade 9).

Confirmation Program 1 & 2 classes at the Mt . Hope Catholic Communitywill be located at St. Francis of Assis, on Sunday Evenings from 6:00-7:30pm weekly. Confirmation 1 is for all 8th grade students and leads into Confirmation 2 for all 9th grade students. Click here for a 2023-2024 Class Schedule.

Registrations are now being accepted for the Fall Program. Click here for our Registration Letter. Click here for a copy of our Registration Form


Confirmation is a two year program, both Catholic and Public School students need to enroll.  A Confirmation Retreat 1 & 2 is required for each year. The program is enhanced using Mathew Kelly ‘s Decision Point Program leading the students in discussion and explaining the Sacrament of Confirmation. Students prayerfully understand receiving the Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit and sharing these gifts in service to others.

Confirmation Directors....Joy & Joe Viveiros   / Office Voice Mail...508-674-0024