Faith Formation

Mission Statement Faith Formation Ministry

We, the Mt. Hope Catholic Community of St. Dominic’s Parish, accept our parish responsibility for providing faith formation for all of our children.  The Faith Formation Ministry recognizes the parent as the Primary Educator of their child and seeks to assist the parents with faith formation as mandated by the Church.  Faith Formation experiences and instruction shall be provided to students with inclusion and communication with parents and families, while appreciating the uniqueness and individuality of the learning process.  We see parental and family involvement to complement and strengthen the formal education and activities provided by the parish.


Philosophy of Our Faith Formation Program

The philosophy of our Faith Formation Program is based on the premise that all the children of Mt. Hope Catholic Community of St. Dominic and St. Francis Parishes share the need for ongoing faith formation.   


Program Information

Grades 1 – 4
Grades 5 – 7
Grades 8 – 9 Confirmation
Youth Ministry


Link to Registration Form

Registration occurs in summer of each year. If you with to register your child, click here for the Faith Formation Registration Form for Grades 1-4. For further information or questions regarding Grades 1-4, contact Barbara Domingue, Director of Faith Formation at 508-675-7206 or email: [email protected]

 If you with to register your child, click here for the Faith Formation Registration Form for Grades 5-7. For information or questions regarding Grades 5-7, contact Debra Fontaine at 508-676-7942 or email: [email protected]

 Registration for our 2-year Confirmation Program

Registration takes place through St. Francis Parish. Parents of students for this program with be contacted by the coordinators, Joe and Joy Viveiros of this program during the summer.

Become a Catechist!

Catechists are a constant need for our Faith Formation programs to be sustained. We encourage parents, grandparents, and parishioners to consider teaching in one of our programs. It is only with your help and participation that that we can accomplish the task of passing on our faith to our children.

Office of Safe Environment

Our Parish is committed to providing a safe place for all of the faithful. Therefore, we follow a strict policy of The Essential Three for all who minister, work or volunteer in our parish. We ask for your cooperation and support. The safety of our community depends on all of us doing our part. Please visit the Diocesan Safe Environment page for more information: